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About Us

The Gas Association of Singapore (GAS) is an independent national body that brings together professionals, practitioners, and experts in the gas/gas related industry. Formed in December 2001, GAS provides members with a forum to exchange information and experiences in a cordial environment.

GAS offers members opportunities for discourse on gas-related matters covering from upstream to retails, such as exploration, production, separation, liquefaction, transmission, distribution, storage and utilization. It aims to enhance the sharing of knowledge, forging of friendship and cooperation as well as promoting uniformity in industry practice and standards amongst organizations and professionals in the gas industry.

The Association brings together like-minded professionals with a common aim to position Singapore as a key strategic partner in the regional gas industry. It aims to promote wider participation of individuals and corporations of the gas industry in Singapore at regional and international events.

GAS organized and hosted GASEX (Gas Exchange for Western Pacific) conference and exhibition in 2014 and has always been active in the subsequent GASEX events. It hosted the GASEX Steering Committee in late 2019.